Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skinflintstones, Day 4

Running Total: $8

Out of garlic and eggs. Making lasagna for our houseguest (one of D's older brothers) Friday night, so these are necessary very soon. Plus, I imagine we'll be using eggs for breakfast while he's here.

  • breakfast: milk, cereal, Nutrigrain bar, soymilk, bananas, English muffins
  • lunch: sandwiches, apples, fruit cocktail, frozen pizza, milk
  • snacks: graham crackers and milk
  • dinner: breakfast! scrambled cheese eggs, English muffins and jam, MSF sausages, more fruit cocktail, apple juice
  • dessert: honey roasted peanuts

  • Thoughts:
    Alphabeter reminded me that if I didn't have these two toddling tornadoes, I would have time to make my own things more cheaply from scratch. Those were the days...

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