Wednesday, June 23, 2004

News on the vanishing twin

I posted a few weeks ago that the Olsen twins are now in their majority. However, one of them is shrinking rapidly, and has recently gone into treatment. - Source: Mary-Kate Olsen treated for eating disorder - Jun 22, 2004

American culture is so screwed up. We've built ourselves a house that it's impossible to live in healthily. Just to show you how insidious the quest for thinness is, there is a small, ashamed part of me that is jealous of anyone's ability to discipline themselves enough not to eat. I know it's a fatal illness. I know that the struggle to survive is hell. And yet I harbor this feeling. And if I--a healthy, non-dieting, slightly-more-slender-than-average woman--can feel that way, then surely there are hundreds of thousands more American women who do also.

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