Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Shared Garden

The backyard garden is progressing, except where Rocket has intervened. I have four raised beds, three 4'X4' and one 1'X6'. This is the second year I've done "square foot gardening," but this year's project isn't as ambitious as last's (odd since last summer I was greatly pregnant). The left box has Royal Chantenay and Sweet Sunshine (yellow) carrots, Chicago Red beets, Fukiyama green onions, Precoville petits pois peas, some curly mint and some oregano. Middle box has my cole crops: 4 broccolis (Bonanza), 2 of which Rocket has leveled; 3 cauliflowers (Snow something), Rocket has gotten one; 4 pak choi (Joi Choi), 1 for Rocket, 3 for me; lots of arugula, romaine (Little Caesar), and mesclun. Right box has four heirloom tomatoes: Aunt Ruby's Green (green/yellow stripe), Pineapple (orange/yellow stripe), Golden Jubilee (orange), and Brandywine (pink). I also have parsley and basil coming up, and some rosemary. The long box against our fence has volunteer cherry tomatoes (Sungold) from last summer. So far, we've eaten some baby greens from the arugula, romaine, and mesclun plants, and some peas. Everything else has gotten in so late that it's not going to be ready for a while.

Broccoli Breath

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