Friday, June 11, 2004

Rice Paper Flushable Liners

The rice paper flushable liners came yesterday and worked like a charm today (ref. First, the End.). got them to me a little over a week after I ordered them online. They come in a roll of 100 and you tear them off like paper towels. I read on another site that they're washable, so I've rinsed out the ones that he only peed on and plan to reuse. The one he pooped on today was so incredibly easy: just hold the diaper over the toilet and let the paper roll off with the poop. Toss the dipe into the pail, and move on.

Roll of Liners

Liner on a cotton pre-fold (CPF) trifolded in a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper cover.

By the way, up until now, I've bought all my diapers from two companies: and They've both been great. had a good price on the liners, though, so I gave them a try. Quick and cheap.

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