Friday, December 21, 2007

Down to the Wire

Just no time to blog, much less breathe. The last two days have been blurs. N's preschool pageant Wednesday was a no-go for him. We left school and came home early, then had a pizza lunch gift exchange with our weekly playdate friends at our house. Errands, phone calls, cards, cleaning, cooking filled out the rest of that day. Had to cancel my eye doctor appointment yesterday (Thurs) because there was JUST NO TIME to go. Spent the time the kids were in preschool running errands and seeing the therapist. If the to-do-list doesn't get me, the anxiety about the flight and the visit with my folks will. We haven't been to their house since AC was nine months old and N was two. Pretty manageable pair, then. But now? Ay-ay-ay. Hoping they can be contained, especially at Christmas dinner when there will be sixteen of us.

Lucky me came down with a cold last night. This morning, AC and I are trying to clean the house, and we opened a few gifts from D's family since we can't take them to Alabama to unwrap there. The washing machine is on constantly and I'm trying to set aside clean outfits for the kids and I as they come out of the dryer. Hoping they soon make it into the luggage.

I bought myself two pairs of jeans yesterday. Yes, TWO PAIRS OF JEANS. I haven't bought even ONE pair of jeans (exc capris) since I was newly unpregnant with AC. So it was quite a moment. Might I stress I bought TWO pairs of jeans? I am giddy with my self-indulgence.

I'll end on that note and say I may not be back on until we get back. Too much to dooooooooo...

Happy, happy, and merry, merry to all.

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PT-LawMom said...

Ooh, you big splurger you. Enjoy those jeans! :)

Hope you feel better, the trip goes smoothly and the folks behave.