Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Diagnoses Multiplexicae

So, R's diagnosis yesterday was cataracts, iris atrophy, and vitrious degeneration. Just glad it isn't luxating lenses (yet) or glaucoma. We will start the drops after Christmas, so we don't have to pay the kennel to do it while we are gone.

My dad's thyroid surgery went well this morning. He will be released from the hospital tomorrow morning and the path report will be ready Friday. Once he's up and running, the docs will get back to work on his neuropathy issues.

The physiatrist says today that I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome, I have ULNAR tunnel syndrome. The nerve tunnel in my elbow is giving me the pinch, making me uncoordinated, drop stuff and, as it turns out, hypersensitive to touch. Go figure. I've got to modify all kinds of things to get the neural kinks ironed out and conserve the rest of our glassware. I'm relieved that I don't have to have the carpal tunnel surgery, but damn the shock test and the needle test today were freaky.

Got a SafeFit 2-in-1 Car Seat Cover'n Carry at Babies R Us today. You can wear it like a backpack or pull it on its wheels through the airport. We need to check N's car seat as luggage, hence this purchase, but AC will sit in hers on the plane. Hope it works.

N was a trial today. Again. But I think I'm getting better at floating him back where I need him to be. On my part, it takes a few deep breaths, some creative thinking, and a totally unrelated suggestion or concept to derail him from the path to destruction. I am learning to read his periods of intransigence, and unfortunately, they can last for hours. We just try to stay out of his hair. His morning schedule lost its potency on Friday, but having the weekend away from it rejuvenated his interest, and he has followed it Monday and today.

AC developed an ugly cough and a runny nose last night, but it's no worse today. No fever, thank goodness.

Back to the Christmas cards...

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PT-LawMom said...

Whoops, read backwards again. Glad the EMG wasn't too horrible!

Hope your Dad's surgery goes well. Sorry to hear about Rocket. :(