Saturday, December 15, 2007

My son's weekday mornings

About a week ago, I helped N create a "morning schedule," which has improved certain grumpy attitudes. It was meant not only to get us out the door to preschool in plenty of time, but to help him feel more in control of his day. I have to say it has worked pretty well.

Obviously, I wrote the numbers, but he wrote out the words on one and two, and then dictated to me what he wanted for three through five. He illustrated each activity (sun, shirt and shorts, blueberries and glass of milk, toothbrush, and Mom's Subaru Forester), and drew a box to check off. I predict this will work another week or two at most, and then we will need another method of taming mornings. He is in two respects much like me: highly fickle and allergic to routine.

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PT-LawMom said...

What a neat idea! I may steal that. Hope it doesn't fizzle out too quickly.