Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let's Make this a True 'bLog

In the spirit of time and organization and someday looking back for a larf, I am going to log the next week and a half. No bells or whistles, no funnies, no editing, probably.

Today, I dropped the kids at preschool then ran to my physical therapy appointment. If you didn't know, I have a suspected labral tear in my hip joint. And I also have some kind of razor-like feature under my right kneecap. As of the past week, they are in cahoots.

After PT, I ran home to get a few household jobs done and answer a few emails, ate a bite, then ran to my (mental) therapist's appointment. One of his numerous recommendations today: "You need what we in the business call a little 'Pleasure and Mastery.'" Stop snickering--I don't want to receive any velvet handcuffs in the mail. It's getting myself involved in something I find pleasurable, a hobby (must look that up in the dictionary), if you will, that can give me a sense of mastery as I improve. When I have a sec, I'll think about that.

Then, after shelling out another co-pay, I raced to the preschool to pick up the kids. We came home and cleaned up the house some, then did some I Spy stuff, drew, and colored. N (4.5y) and I spent a little time learning about Pokeman. [ETA: like how to spell it. PokemOn.] Pikachu is a Pichu. Ash is a trainer. That's as far as we got. I printed out a Pikachu coloring page and researched what colors he needed on him. N colored most of him and convinced me to do the rest. I ate an egg salad sandwich and gave the kids bananas (they ate lunch at school today).

I assembled dinner ingredients (eggplant parmigiana, spaghetti, and broccoli) and then I sent the chirrun downstairs to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas (twice--it's short) while I wrapped presents at the dining table.

Next, I came to my study to catch up on my friendses' blogs and make a few comments. Now I'm writing what you are reading. Next, it's neaten the desk and pay a few bills, then make dinner.

The kids and I will eat together (D doesn't get home until their bedtime.) After dinner, I will make popcorn and we'll watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, then BED for the KIDS. My light at the end of the tunnel. After that I'll try to finish the chores I didn't get done during daylight.


Christa M. Miller said...

We've got to get you writing. Oh wait - you did say "pleasurable." Activities involving velvet handcuffs would probably be more so....

Rain Dog is in the same state of affairs: needs a hobby. A generational thing, I wonder?

Mary Louisa said...

Don't get me wrong, I could gladly incorporate the handcuffs, but I just don't think that's what the doctor is ordering. At this point, anyway.

May be generational in that we are letting the old ones go and trying to cast about for new ones. The "sitting" hobbies I've enjoyed lately (Sudoku in bed, for ex.) aren't working with my hip problem. And tennis is right out the window, of course.

HAHA about writing. You said EXACTLY what I thought. Pleasurable? Naaaaaah. Necessary? Sometimes...

PT-LawMom said...

The velvet handcuffs sound like fun to me, too, but your hip may not appreciate them too much right now. I'm sorry you're still having so much pain. :( Not sure if you still read my blog, but I've been having some serious pain issues since August and am now taking some gnarly medication to deal with that. Christa thinks we should commiserate with one another, but if you're like me the last thing you want to do in addition to *feeling* the pain is actually talk about it. Boo hiss! Still, it's hard to come home after a long day and feel so grouchy and tired from being in pain that you can't even be nice to your kid. :(

Your day sounds like my night! I DVR'd both Grinch and Charlie Brown for Pumpkinhead and we watched Grinch on Sunday and then Charlie Brown last night and we also drew pictures. It's so neat to see how B's drawing is developing. You really should post pictures of some of N's masterpieces. That boy has talent!!

So what are you going to pick as a hobby? There's lots of crafty things out there -- knitting, scrapbooking, etc., or you could become an obsessed gamer locked in your office (although that wouldn't help you write). What about sculpture or painting?

Here's a list of hobbies from Wikipedia:

Mary Louisa said...

PTLM--I didn't know you were having pain, too. :( Hope you can get things under control enough to enjoy the holidays.

Thanks for the kewl list of hobbies! Shall I close my eyes and point?

PT-LawMom said...

That sounds like the quickest way to pick one. ;)

Yep, tons of pain. Lots of money!! I feel your torture on having to pay more money in the new year. I have to see the OB/Gyn to fix the tail end and the Neurologist to continue attempting to fix the top end the week between Christmas and New Year's. Bleech.