Friday, October 07, 2005

And it's only 1:00pm

Did ya ever have one of those days?

You know, one of those days when the boy wakes up an hour before the alarm goes off, shouting "Little beebar! Little beebar!" And he alternates this with teary, high-pitched wailing and you sit him on your lap and rock until the sun comes up? And then at diaper change, you notice his thighs are covered in hives, but the pediatrician's office doesn't take non-emergency calls till 9:00? And you'd like to call the daycare to see what sort of snacks he had yesterday but they are closed today? And you leave the kids with dad and run to the eyedoctor at 8:45 to pick up your contacts, and find that Friday is the only day they open at 9:00? And you can't wait there for them to open because dad has to leave for work at 9:00? So you go home and start calling the pediatrician, whose nurse's line is busy solidly for a half hour? And all the while, you're hearing this static on the line, wondering what's the matter? And you finally get the nurse and the two of you can barely hear each other, but you make out that you're to give Benadryl and call back in a couple hours?

So then you realize it's your phone that's screwed up and you call the phone company on your cell phone, which has trouble keeping a signal in your house, and the very sympathetic recording walks you through the test you need to do outside at the network box "but not if it's raining" to see whose side the problem is on, so you gather your screwdriver, your cord phone, your six month old, and your two year old and walk toward the back door, and the phone rings? And it's your parents, whom you haven't heard from in two weeks and you wonder if anyone has died or is in jail? And once you make it through the static-y call just to make sure all is well, you finally go outside, and it has started to rain? And you do the phone test anyway?

So then you go inside and call the phone company back, and when you assure them that they are at fault they apologize and tell you that they will be happy to come fix your phone on Sunday? And then you put your kids in the car to try for the contacts again, since the doctor's closes at noon on Friday, and, wonder of wonders, you actually get in and get your contacts? And you are feeling so giddy with success that you head over to the Carter's outlet to exchange an outfit that is one size too big, but when you get to the mall, the heavens have opened up, and the closest parking space is in the next zip code? So you bag that one, head home, start calling to report on the ever-shifting hives, and find that the pediatrician's is closed for lunch?

Well, did ya?


Katy said...

Boy what a day! Hope the weekend is better for you.

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks, Katy. This afternoon hasn't been any better, but it hasn't been worse (it's only 5:15, though). We finally had to go see the nurse practitioner to make sure he wasn't having mucous membrane swelling, and he isn't. But he has had diarrhea all day, which tells us it may be a viral reaction. The whole thing is certainly giving ME a reaction.