Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So, the catfish was too spunky for its sauce, surprisingly (see blog entry just below). The tahini and lemon and garlic kind of, well, vanished, if you can believe it, behind the pan-fried catfish yumminess! Go figure. So, hummus will be made from the sauce that remains. Or maybe some falafel will be made and the sauce will join it in a pita boat on a short trip to my mouth. Or maybe said sauce will stay in its container, to be tossed in two weeks when I notice it in the back of the refrigerator with the limp radishes.

And now for something completely different. Blue Jeans. Is there nothing they can't do? Saved my skin today, pretty much literally, which was their original purpose if we can believe those thieving, toothless prospectors. You may know from reading my blog that I am challenged when it comes to getting through the long days with my 6mo daughter and 2yo son--especially the hours between 5:00 and 7:00pm. Latest excitement was tonight, when I poured boiling noodle-water ONTO MY LEGS instead of into the sink. Yes, the sink WAS full of dishes, and yes, the colander WAS too high. MY FAULT TOTALLY. N was in his high chair and AC was in her saucer, so no children were harmed. I seem to be fine, too, just kind of stingy-with-a-hard-"g" on my right knee and shin. Interestingly, if I'd been in my pajamas and barefoot (see BookTarts comments today), I would be one pissed off lobster about now. But I had on my trusty jeans and sturdy shoes.
(p.s. Thanks, FlyLady.)

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