Friday, October 14, 2005

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film question

May contain spoilers.

D and I watched the film of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the other night. Aside from the DVD having a crack and skipping a lot, I enjoyed the movie. I can't stop saying "whomping willow." (Hope that's the proper spelling, as I haven't read the book.) ANYhoo, I am still perplexed by this: Harry and Ron go to see Hagrid in his cottage, to ask him something. Was it "Did you open the chamber of secrets?" or "Who opened the chamber of secrets?" or "Who is this fifties kid in the diary?" I simply can't remember, mostly because Hagrid's lame-ass answer, before he is hauled off to the clink, is "Follow the spiders." TO THE LAIR OF THE MAN-EATING ARACHNID. Why, oh why would dear fuzzy, giant, baby-faced Hagrid send those two lads TO THE LAIR OF THE MAN-EATING ARACHNID? WTF!? She gives them one piece of information that is so insignificant to their quest that I can't even recall it! It fell, like a grain of sand, through the marble-sized holes in my gray matter as soon as I heard it, I'm sure. So, I would like to ask my loyal readers, all two of you--actually just one, since the other is my husband and I've already asked him and he doesn't know--to help me understand why Hagrid plays so with the lives of Our Gentle Wizards-in-Training. Anyone? Anyone?


Lynsloo said...

ML! I'm a loyal reader (though I don't normally comment, I check your blog daily!)

Hagrid has a lot of faults and tends to give his "creatures" a whole lot more credit than they often deserve. You really ought to read the books!

He did not think that Aragog (the spider) would harm Harry and Ron and he knew (since he was being hauled off to Azkaban) that he couldn't help them any other way!!

Mary Louisa said...

My loyal reader, Lindsey! Thank you, my child. So Hagrid, blind to Aragog'd sinister motives, thought his spider could help the kids? Help them what? Find the grail? I mean, the Chamber of Secrets?
p.s. did I spell "whomping" right?

Lynsloo said...

whomping, yes :)

I don't think hagrid viewed aragog as harmful at all... he raised him from a baby, don't forget! Now, i haven't read that book in at least a year, but I do think it had something to do with an answer about the chamber, yes. Or at least to let them know Hagrid was innocent!

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Lynsloo said...

re-read book 6 this weekend and hagrid says "can you believe aragog's family almost tried to eat me!"... (something to that effect)... :)

Johnna said...

Hey there,ML, it's Johnna.

Answer to first question: in the book Harry never gets the chance to ask Hagrid a question before the Ministry of Magic and Dumbeldore show up.

I *think* the reason he said the "follow the spiders" is that they would lead away from the snake in the chamber.

Hope this helps :)

Mary Louisa said...

Johnna and Lindsey, thanks for all the help. I've only read book one (loved it), and so am at quite a disadvantage. That and the ole mommy brain problem... Which neither of you have, right?

Becky said...

Another reason why he would have sent them to see the man eating spider is because Aragog would have been able to let the kids know that Hagrid hadnt been the one opening the Chamber. Young Voldy had led Harry to thinking that the "monster" Hagrid had was what was responsible for the killings. I think this was Hagrids way of showing Harry the truth since he wasn't able to stay and have a chat before getting hauled away.