Saturday, October 01, 2005


Okay, so Throw Nothing Away Day is about learning. And mindfulness. And my husband and I are learning just how mindless we are.

He pitched a popsicle stick he found in the yard into the garbage can, closed the cabinet door, and then looked at me and said, "I just threw something away." He tried to fish it out (still have some of last night's garbage in the bag), but I told him to forget it--we're learning today. So, what could we have done with a used popsicle stick? Don't know. I just know that I want to be aware of what I buy, use, and toss. Awareness will help shape my future decisions, ones I hope will do the world more good. And, as we looked inside the garbage can, I saw two oatmeal packets I had tossed THIS MORNING, for heaven's sake! How could I have used those and pitched them with no memory of it when I wrote the first post today??? I now remember refilling the oatmeal container (it is half plain oatmeal in the big cardboard canister mixed with half maple-brown sugar oatmeal from individual packets). We're trying to cut down the amount of pre-packaged/pre-sweetened stuff for N so that eventually he will eat plain with a little maple sugar poured on it. We're down to half and half now.

I'm going to the grocery store in a bit to get some apples, bananas, half and half, mozarella, and rolls. I won't use produce bags and I will take my cloth shopping bag to circumvent "paper or plastic?".

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Mary Louisa said...

And, I FORGOT to take my cloth bag into the store with me. Dammit.