Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brave New World

Oh how modern life escapes this 40 year old.

  • Did you know there is now a silent -0R on many words? I know--WTFBBQ?1!!
  • Tee shirts with the neck cut out, falling off one shoulder, are HOT and NEW!
  • "Emo" is something other than the name of a cherubic comedian, folks.
  • Three words: baby fishnet tights.

    Lynsloo said...

    Baby fishnet tights? WTFBBQ!

    Mary Louisa said...

    I know, I know. LOL It is teh funneh!1!!!

    Dy said...

    "Three words: baby fishnet tights."

    Damn. And I thought the see-thru "I Dream of Jeannie" pajamas my 4yo asked me for today were bad! I am *so* glad we didn't run across any of the above or I'm sure she'd need some of them, too...

    PS - ummm... wtf is WTFBBQ?

    Mary Louisa said...

    Dy, urbandictionary.com has several explanations for the use of bbq as an internet acronym. Here's one:

    an acronym used for barbecue but sometimes used to point out the absurdity of using acronyms online.
    i was all like, 'dude, omg wtf stfu bbq'