Saturday, May 14, 2005

Buying Macrobiotic

Took a shopping trip to the health food and the regular grocery store today to get ingredients for our first macrobiotic dinner, planned for tomorrow night. Here's the menu:
- Miso soup with carrot and cauliflower
- Pressure cooked brown rice (I don't own a pressure cooker)
- Aduki beans with onion and carrots
- Baked carrots and sweet potato
- Boiled kale
- Cucumber, watermelon, and blueberry salad

It's a fairly ordinary menu, so a good one to start us with, I guess. The great thing is that after I was done shopping at the health food store, I was feeling so healthy that I made some good choices at the grocery store. Rather, I avoided some bad choices.

Here's what I needed to buy to bring my pantry up to speed, followed by the prices:
- Eden brand organic shoyu soy sauce, 10 fl. oz. for $4.60
- Edward & Sons Miso-cup savory soup with seaweed mix, 8 svgs (2.5oz) for $5.50 (I should've bought barley miso to make my own broth, but the instant soup packets were too enticing)
- Eden organic canned aduki beans, 15oz for $1.85 (the dried beans in a bag priced out about the same when I figured the cooked yield)
- Eden kombu "sea vegetable" 2.1 oz. at $5.49
- Lundberg organic brown rice syrup, 1lb 5oz for $6.15
- Eden organic Kukicha twig tea, 16 bags for $3.20
- Baycliff Co. "Sushi Chef" mirin sweetened sake, 10oz for $4.29
- A bunch of kale for $.98 (not organic)
- Two parsnips for $1.01

I found the mirin, parsnips, and kale at the regular grocery, and the rest of the stuff at the health food store. As I perused the Eden Foods web site, I noticed how much cheaper their merchandise is when ordered directly from the source. However, I don't know how much shipping would cost; maybe the cost would be the same either way. Anyway, it's good to support my local health food store, right?

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