Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Please Weez Me

I missed the Weezer concert last night in Philly. We had tried to get tickets when they were first offered, but the show sold out in about ten seconds. At the last minute, I had the opportunity to go by myself with some of my husband's coworkers, whom I don't know. However, his parents were in town and it was their last night with us before returning to Florida, my 22-month-old boy had been sick and whiny for about four days, and I was afraid of being away too long from my 6-week-old daughter. So, I didn't go. I've wanted to see Weezer in concert for as long as I've known the band, and this was my best chance EVER. But I just couldn't do it. Does this mean I'm all grown up now? Or just stupid?

Here's the write-up and setlist (scroll down to May 10):

To his credit, my sweet husband didn't take the ticket and run. He came home from work and enjoyed the company of his parents and our two kids.

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