Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Measurements, Week 3

It is the end of week 3 of the trying-to-exercise-more-and-stop-eating-so-much diet plan. I started at 153, with 32 1/4" waist and 39 1/2" hips.

Today, I am still sporting a 32 1/4" waist and now my hips are 40". I'm scared to weigh myself, frankly. Can the thickness of my underpants be adding 1/2" to my hips? No, they're not polarfleece. (I think that should be trademarked, by the way.) I'm keeping up with my abdominal exercises (the ones from Fit Pregnancy mentioned in "Getting Busy," 4/29/05).

Peanut butter and apricot jelly on whole wheat for breakfast this morning, and just now a big bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and maple syrup for lunch openers. I wouldn't have done the oatmeal thing except that I'm trying to learn how to replicate the maple & brown sugar oatmeal packets that N eats for breakfast. So far, I haven't done a very good job, but I couldn't bring myself to add more salt and more sugar to my attempt--it was just too depressing! I'm working through this because A) I don't want to keep spending big money on pre-packaged breakfasts, and B) we can make it better and healthier here at home. Once I hit on it (shown by N's desire to eat my version), I plan on gradually reducing the sugar and salt content and using healthier sweeteners (maple syrup and brown rice syrup, probably). I'm also going to start making it with half milk and half water, while previously he's been having it made with milk only. At 22 months, he still drinks whole milk, but he gets a ton of it elsewhere so less in the oatmeal is no big deal.

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