Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday = Weekday

Today is Saturday. (I've weighed in at 151 for the past couple of days, by the way, and am eating really well.) Even though it is the weekend, it feels just like a weekday, because D is in New York City for the day. Color me jealous.

If I weren't the sole food source for my seven-week old, I'd be there too, believe you me. D's there to see Spamalot with his forty-something coworkers/fellow MP fans.

I'm having a fine day, though, considering. It is beautiful outside, after a cold and rainy day yesterday. AC has slept all morning, and will be ready to nurse again soon. We should probably nap together after that. It IS Saturday, after all. N just went down for his daily crib nap. I'm aiming for us to take a stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon.

Sometime in between feeding the kiddos, though, I've got to plan next week's menus so I can get to the grocery store tomorrow. So far, all I have is Sunday's main dish: fried tofu and bok choy in black bean sauce, over brown rice. Of the brassica greens that came from the farm Wednesday, all I have left are two heads of baby bok choi, and several small bunches of collards and kale. We had the chard last night; I sauteed it with garlic in soybean oil and let it steam for about 10 minutes to cook the stems well. I added some sliced baby portabellas and some white beans, then let it cook another ten minutes under the lid. Two nights ago we had some random greens--tat soi, broccoli rabe, and maybe sorrel--stir fried with some shoyu. We're still working on the big bag of mesclun and small bag of arugula, too, which I whip into our nightly dinner salad. We shall be green around the edges before next week's farm shipment (which will probably contain...more greens).

I checked out a nice-looking cookbook from the library: Meredith McCarty's Fresh from a Vegetarian Kitchen. It has lots of information about macrobiotics in it, and a section on making bread from a starter (sans yeast). I hope to get a few nights' menus from this book.

You might remember that I vowed to institute a macrobiotic night once a week to put us on a more healthy path. Well, I've become so enamored of this healthy style of cooking and eating that I'm working whole foods, minimally or not seasoned, into all our meals from now on. It just seems the right thing to do (sorry I unintentionally channeled Wilfred Brimley *shudder*).

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