Friday, May 27, 2005

Random Thoughts (Highly Original Title)

There are reasons people use that as a blog entry title, because it fits, and because they are too lazy to think of something more creative (read "witty"). I only have so much energy in a day, and most times it is shunted into areas other than "wit." Usually the areas of "children" and "laundry" receive most of my energy. [came back later to add that the previous statement is not entirely true: SpongeBob Squarepants Collapse takes a fair portion of my precious energy]

Anyhoo--and there, again, is a highly original idiom in the world of blogs (resisting that "-sphere" term as long as I can)--here's some stuff from today:

I let N watch television for a little over an hour this morning. And he had already watched some with his dad before he left for work. Sesame Street and some Boohbah, but they are pretty innocuous. He doesn't sit glued the whole time, too; he moves around the den, playing the piano a little, re-arranging the dogs' bowls some, pushing his trains every once in a while. I feel like a schlub, but I just needed some time to nurse AC and read the 'net. One day of so much T.V. won't hurt a 22mo, will it? Can you tell I need someone to absolve me?

The rhubarb cobbler I made last night was too good. No, I'm not bragging, I'm lamenting. I am still eating it today, and eating it. I even donated half the dish to our neighbors for their dessert last night. It is such a wonderful combination of sweet and sour, mushy and crunchy, that I can't stop picking at it. The casserole dish is on the stove, with a fork sticking in it that I use to take a bite as I walk by. And a "walk by" is always planned, since the damn stove is in a dead-end in our kitchen.

What's for dinner tonight? I think it's barbecued tempeh (or tofu, can't decide) on burger buns, barley and corn salad (already marinating in the fridge), and--you guessed it--Chinese greens. I have to start whittling away at the big bag before Wednesday when we will most certainly get more.

I weighed myself this a.m. and the scale shouted 154 at me. Baaaaah. I guess it was the cobbler talking. I'm back to the ab focus now, trying to be aware during my everyday activities of staying upright and firm in my transverse ab muscles. I still have that damn diastasis problem I have to call the doctor about. I thought it was supposed to improve a few weeks after childbirth. My ab muscles are still more than two fingers apart, so I'm not supposed to do any floor work (crunches, etc.).

I spent WAY too much time this morning reading other blogs, a hobby I developed over the past few days. I did find one whose author sounds a lot like me, if only from the necessarily limited view one gets of a writer from her weblog. It is called Millennium Hippies.

Kids are both a-nap, so I will commence to gettin' my chores done, in between bites of cobbler of course. My folks arrive in six days to deliver their old car to us; they just bought a replacement. They are giving us their 1996 Camry, in pristine condition (Dad is anal about car maintenance). Now D can sell his 1994 Accord, which has a big old rusty dent in the right front quarterpanel and some internal repair work on the horizon. Good riddance.

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