Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Typical T/Th

Just for fun, this is a "Day-in-the-Life" of yours truly, typical of a Tuesday or a Thursday, when N is at daycare. We begin after midnight on Tuesday, May 31...

Finally into bed after one last nursing session with AC.

Up to take an ibuprofin--splitting headache.

AC fidgeting and smacking; up to change her diaper and nurse her.

Dogs are barking for breakfast, N shouts from his crib, "Up Daddy, up Daddy, up Daddy," over and over. I go back to sleep.

My alarm goes off. I put on my slippers, go to N's room, lay out his jeans, tee shirt, and socks, then pad downstairs to the kitchen on the main floor. I see D and N on the lower level--N watching Dragon Tailz (sp?), D working on his 'puter. I put N's lunch (blueberry yogurt, applesauce, raspberry cereal bar) into his lunchbag and hang it on the front door knob. I eat a raspberry bear claw and drink some water. N runs upstairs to see me. I take him back up the stairs to his room to dress him while D gets dressed for work. I pack N's blanket and sheet for naptime into a bag, we play a while, then they leave together at about 8:30. BACK TO BED, I think, optimistically.

In bed, trying to sleep. Waldo is scratching furiously on his crate door and won't stop. I get up, go down to the den, let him out for water and to be loose in the den. He won't go outside, though. Back to bed...

AC stirs and smacks; I change her diaper and nurse her. Will I ever get a nap? Back into her bassinet when we're done.

Aaaaah, NOW I get to take a nap.

AC stirs and smacks; I nurse her and lay in bed with her until about noon, when I do a few yoga stretches.

Out of bed, wash face, dress, put AC into bassinet to nap. Down to kitchen to eat leftover tabbouleh from last night's dinner, and a raspberry bear claw. I have a glass of o.j., cranberry juice, and water in 1/3s; take my vitamin. Then I make three cups of decaf, drink one. Check emails, plan the rest of the day, look at my blog, use "next blog" feature to read more, look at a few on the Blogging Mommies site index, do Google search on track-backs. I read up a little more on statistics on the Blogger site, and decide to use Site Meter to track my traffic for free. Blogger recommends them, so they must be sound. Drink more decaf.

I let the dogs outside, and try to vaccuum the den carpet, but the durn vaccuum is NOT picking anything up. I imagine it is the thick ropes of hair tying up the beater brush, but I'm just too pissed off to look "under the hood" at the moment. I just cleaned the confounded thing two weeks ago. I vow to have D do it tonight. I straighten up the kitchen table, my "hot spot," and start the baby laundry.

Put on makeup and read a little of my Elizabeth George book, Deception on His Mind. Check the mail, read it, file/recycle it. There's a gift for AC from friends in Atlanta - two onesies from The Gap. I look at the Kohl's and Target web sites for yoga pants - I start class in a few weeks and have nothing to wear.

I add the tag for Site Meter to the bottom of my site, and start checking in. Obsessively. More decaf. Now it is time to play Spongebob Squarepants Collapse. I go to the 9th level and then quit to check my blog again.

Nurse hungry AC and browse internet.

Drive to the library, put AC into Baby Bjorn, return one book, put three more on hold (the first three Elizabeth George mysteries), check out three DVDs (M*A*S*H, Mister Roberts, and The Magnificent Seven), and photocopy my yoga registration form. Back to car, drive to daycare, pick up N.

Home from daycare pickup. N is watches 15 minutes of Maya and Miguel, dogs are outside, AC is in her bouncy seat beside me.

Show's over, N and I play ball and blocks in the living room after he comes into the kitchen and threatens to hit AC with his toy car. AC begins to fuss, so I nurse her in the LR while N plays and reads. When I'm done nursing, I put AC back in her bouncy seat and take N outside to blow bubbles, "BIG bubbles," he wants. We stay out quite a while, water the plants, watch a shiny aquamarine beetle, dig in the dirt, play ball with Rocket, and of course blow LOTS of bubbles, BIG bubbles. I check on AC throughout the hour.

Inside, I make N store-brand macaroni and cheese (appallingly orange, yes), mixed vegetables, bananas, and applejuice cut with a little water. He willingly gets into his high chair, chanting "'garoni and jeezh, Mommy, 'garoni and jeezh, Mommy." He eats while I eat a hastily assembled barbecue tempeh pita. I call D to bring us some Chinese takeout--tofu vegetables.

N watches part of his Thomas the Tank Engine DVD while I nibble on his remaining mac & cheese, veg, and bananas while cleaning up the kitchen. D shows up with the Chinese, and we eat as N runs like a madman around the main floor. Eventually, he crashes into a kitchen cabinet and gets a huge bump on his head, which he won't let us put ice on.

I take N up to his bed and he insists on getting in the crib with no story time. I leave. He cries for Daddy. I think his head bump is giving him a hard time.

Daddy goes up to N, who's still crying. Sits with him in the rocker, N asks to be put in the crib again, D leaves, N cries again. This repeats one more time fifteen minutes later, and finally, N is asleep for good. Before that, though, I hear him say to D, "Juice, Mommy. I huwt. Thank you!" I'm in the kitchen, eating my Chinese and watching AC bat at the hanging toys on her bouncy seat. D comes back down, we eat, chat, look at the newspaper.

Nurse AC; D's mom calls. Bad news: D's brother and his wife are separating. We are bummed and talk about this after the call. D does the dishes and I nurse AC two more times when she acts like she isn't satisfied. I lie on the couch with her on my chest for a while.

Look at the intarweb, eat some cottage cheese and peaches for dessert (out of raspberry bear claws, dammit). Put sleeping AC in the bassinet.

D and I watch the BBC reality show, SPY. It's the penultimate episode. I eat a sugar-free fudgesicle.

Up to the kitchen to finish this daily log, which I will post in a minute. Then I will go upstairs to the bedroom, get ready for bed, and read more Deception on his Mind.

Holy crap, this is long! Excitement two doors down: looooong horn honks and screaming voices. "I want my paperwork!" shouts a man. "Get in the car. GET IN THE CAR," screams a woman. Another man says, "Call 911." The woman says, "Get in the car and lock the doors." AAAAACK! The car has driven away. I wonder if the cops are yet to arrive. Gotta stop this journal somewhere, so this be the spot.

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