Friday, May 13, 2005


My in-laws left two days ago after visiting with us for one week. We ate high on the hog every day, and unfortunately for me, lots of junk is still in the house. So, I've been pecking away at the chips, pretzels, and honey-roasted peanuts for the last couple of days as I sit at the computer and try to remember all the things I should be up and doing while the kids nap. I'd better just throw the junk away and go about my business. I'm back up to 152, by the way.

I still haven't instituted a macrobiotic day (or even meal) in my house yet. I just read one doctor's diet recommendations for curing rhinitis (part of N's panoply of problems), and not only does it forego nightshade vegetables, but also berries, nuts, and APPLES. Half of N's diet is now applesauce and apple juice. Perhaps there is something to that. The doctor's diet allows tropical fruits, though, while the macrobiotic diet does not. For now I guess the easiest course is to keep the tomatoes out of N's diet (diaper rash and eczema are somewhat better but still around after 1.5 weeks of no tomato products), and now eliminate the berries and nuts (almond butter is the only nut product he eats). That means his daycare lunch bag will need an overhaul: no more strawberry jelly/almond butter sandwiches. For now, we'll keep the applesauce. Too, no more raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry cereal bars for snack. Apple is the only filling choice left.

To the garden!

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