Wednesday, May 18, 2005


The other day I noted that we order spring water for drinking and making coffee. But it is bottled in plastic jugs. Am I trading our questionably safe Delaware water for plastics-poisoned spring water?

Now here's another: we subscribe to an organic Amish farm in PA. But I have to drive 25 minutes each way to pick up our weekly box. Am I negating the home-grown, organic health of the produce by my consumption of fuel and creation of greenhouse gas?

I'll get over it. Today was our first shipment from the farm. In our box were two blocks of their artisanal cheese, a bunch of radishes, a bunch of green onions, a big bunch of asparagus, a huge bag of Chinese greens and chards, a small bag of arugula, and a large bag of baby mesclun. So, what's for dinner? Salad with a little of everything in it, along with some grape tomatoes, black olives, and a hunk of albacore tuna on top. I'm roasting the asparagus in the oven as I type, with some E.V. olive oil and kosher salt. I'm saving the Chinese greens and chards for another night.

Bon apetit. Gotta go shake the asparagus.

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